Oesía signs an alliance agreement with the Swedish company WRAP International reinforcing its engineering capacity in network communication

1 Mar, 2010

  • The Spanish technology company Oesía will be the exclusive representative of the complete portfolio of the WRAP International engineering software products in all Spanish speaking countries in which Oesia, since a number of years has a strong presence, especially in Mexico and Columbia
  • WRAP International is one of the three major global suppliers of network engineering solutions to Ministries of Defence and Armed Forces. Its portfolio is a perfect complement to the offering of Tecnobit, the engineering and advanced services subsidiary of Oesia
  • The engineering software products of WRAP are widely used by Network Operators (Mobile, WiMAX, Television or Radio broadcast) and by Public Services like Police, Rescue services (TETRA networks), Civil Aviation or Maritime Authorities (Radar and navigation systems) and complement existing Oesia services for these sectors
  • To highlight the significance of the agreement both companies have decided to jointly launch a Network Optimization Service focused on the Mobile Operators to improve service quality, increase operational revenue and optimize new network build out

The Spanish technology company Oesía and the Swedish engineering company WRAP International have reached an agreement granting Oesía the exclusive sales representation rights for the complete engineering software portfolio of WRAP in all Spanish speaking countries. This alliance reinforces Oesía’s presence in the engineering solutions segment of radio communication network deployment and optimization for both private as well as public entities and will enable WRAP entrance to the Latin-American market in which Oesía over the last ten years has been showing an ever increasing presence. Both firms´ priority will be to focus on the markets of Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia and Peru.

WRAP International was formed in 2007 from the spectrum management and radio planning software activtities within Saab, a large Swedish company in the defence and public safety sector.

The engineering software portfolio that WRAP International has developed over the years, provides consultancy solutions for optimizing, planning and deployment of radio communication networks and frequency spectrum management.

Its technology is used in three main business areas: Defence, in which it is one of the three major suppliers of radio communication network engineering solutions to Defence Ministries and Armed Force; Public Entities: like Radio Spectrum Authorities, Security Forces, Civil Aviation, Railway or Maritime Authorities; and Telecommunication Network Operators. Like Mobile Operators, Broadband Radio Services operators, Analogue and Digital TV and Radio Broadcasters.

From Oesía’s point of view, the alliance reinforces its engineering capacity and positions the company as a technology partner for its major clients in the Telecoms sector of Mobile operators, in the Public Administration sector of air-traffic management companies like AENA or public entities like the Ministry and the Armed Forces of the Defence sector. Oesia serves these clients either directly or in the case of Defence sector indirectly through its engineering and advanced services subsidiary Tecnobit.

Oesía has a leadership position both in the technology development area as well as in business process implementation for the fixed and mobile network operators. In its daily co-operation with these companies in both Spain and Latin-America, Oesía strives to enable these companies to meet their objectives of Operational Expense (OPEX) reduction and increase of Average Revenue per User (ARPU). Oesia’s activities are focused on business – and technology consultancy, custom software design and development, network operation and maintenance, business process outsourcing and solutions integration.

The first joint service to be launched by the alliance Oesía/WRAP will be the Network Optimization Service for Mobile Infrastructure, responding with this to the operator market need for improving quality of service and traffic management.

Oesía is a multinational Spanish technology company specialising in consultancy and ICT services, business process outsourcing and advanced electronic engineering. With a yearly revenue of some 203 million euros, employing about 3500 people and present through some 700 clients in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, México, Brazil, USA, Cuba, Panamá and United Arab Emirates. Among its main shareholders you will find the major Spanish Saving Banks.

WRAP International is a Swedish company that has been developing the software WRAP since 1991. WRAP International has customers in Europe, Africa, Australia, Latin America, north America and Asia.

WRAP International provides a comprehensive portfolio of expert consulting and software products for Radio Network Planning and Optimisation as well as Spectrum Management. The WRAP software provides efficient frequency management and radio network planning support for organisations ranging from telecommunication authorities to network planners.

WRAP supports the planning, implementation and operation phases of systems for microwave point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, broadband wireless access, wireless local loop (including WiMAX), TETRA, analogue and digital sound and television broadcasting, land mobile, mobile telephone, radar, navigation, aeronautical communication, HF communication, satellite links and more. The efficient tools of WRAP provide cost-effective network designs with small manpower efforts.

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