In 2012, had established itself as a Nordic fashion e-commerce platform, but was ready for the next phase of growth. Verdane Capital VII acquired shares when the founders sought to bring in a partner with deep knowledge and insight in the e-commerce space that could help unlock the company’s potential.

In close cooperation with the management team, Verdane created a strategic plan to build a well-known and sustainable brand, build relationships with potential investors, and position the company for growth and an eventual successful IPO. 

The product portfolio was shifted towards higher-end brands, resulting in significant increases in the value of customers’ shopping carts. At the same time, the outlet site,, was launched to offload old inventory at a discount. Verdane helped achieve key media placements, improve warehouse logistics and service deals across the Nordics, and introduced creative credit line and financing. 

After five years, had become one of the top three players within fashion e-commerce in the Nordics. was listed on the Nasdaq in Stockholm on May 31, 2017, with a heavily oversubscribed offering.