In 2016, Verdane acquired shares in smava, an online platform for intermediation of consumer loans and credits. smava acquires, scores (through proprietary credit ratings), and matches private borrowers with institutional lenders online and in real time. Verdane saw the opportunity to invest in a market leader at the forefront of the digital disruption of an enormous consumer finance market.

At the time of investment, smava had established itself as a leading online marketplace for consumer loans and credits in Germany. The company was well-positioned to capitalise on the offline-to-online migration in the consumer finance space with a strong value proposition towards consumer borrowers and bank lenders.

Since its investment, Verdane has worked closely with smava’s management to accelerate growth in Germany and specifically leveraging Verdane’s experience from the more digitally penetrated Nordic market, gained through Verdane’s previous and current investments, including consumer finance comparison company Compricer.