About Verdane

Verdane seeks to be the preferred investor and active owner of technology-enabled growth companies in Northern Europe.

Verdane’s core investment strategy is to realise the potential of unlisted assets by being a knowledgeable and active owner. Verdane funds are distinctive in that they can invest in a single company, or in portfolios of companies. In each case, Verdane builds on its expertise and experience to unlock the underlying potential of small- and medium-sized growth companies.

The Verdane Approach

The Verdane approach is all about creating value for fast growing companies within software, consumer internet, energy, and high-technology industries.

A typical Verdane investment is on a rapid growth trajectory, supported by long-term structural growth trends with technology as a fundamental driver. Verdane is an ambitious and active owner, partnering with management teams and leveraging on extensive experience within specific sectors and broad industrial networks, to help companies sustain and accelerate growth.

What sets Verdane funds apart is the flexibility in the investment approach, and that they can provide liquidity to owners of unlisted single companies, as well as portfolios, through solutions designed to meet their needs.

Since its inception in 2003, Verdane funds have conducted over 30 portfolio transactions and completed over 10 single company investments. Today, Verdane funds have ownership in more than 40 core portfolio companies and Funds managed or advised by the Verdane Capital Advisory Group have over EUR 1.2 billion in commitments.