Verdane core values

The team at Verdane Capital Advisors has identified a set of core values that we seek to work according to, as individuals and as a firm.

  • Dare to be different: An important part of our business is about seeing opportunities where others see problems. Everyone in the firm should challenge established truths, and be comfortable voicing their own opinions.
  • Get things done: We strive to help colleagues and business partners to focus on key issues and to shorten decision making cycles.
  • Best in class: We want to be best at what we do. We believe continuous improvement is the only way to get there, and we always seek to learn through feedback, and from everyone we interact with.
  • Be passionate: We enjoy what we do! We consider ourselves lucky in that we get to follow so many exciting companies on their growth journeys.
  • Respect for people: Our business is built on people. To get the best out of people they need to be respected and valued. We believe respect is based on an open dialogue.