Verdane core values

The team at Verdane has identified a set of core values that we seek to work according to, as individuals and as a firm.

  • We dare to be different: We are bold in our thinking and challenge the status quo. We treasure differences of opinion and value complementary perspectives as we seek creative solutions to complex problems. 
  • We get things done: We actively work to shorten decision making cycles, always completing our set tasks with quality. We prioritise what lies before us in order to ensure that everything we set out to accomplish is done well, rather than taking on too many things at once.
  • We love what we do: We are genuinely committed and passionately curious, entrepreneurial in spirit and deed - the best idea wins.
  • We respect people and the planet: We act with integrity and seek to build trust in all relations. We show responsibility and aspire to be on the right side of history, helping to move our industry towards more sustainable, long-term thinking.