Responsible investment approach

Our planet is facing extraordinary challenges, ranging from discrimination and persecution of individuals or groups, to climate change and conflicts over scarce resources. We at Verdane Capital Advisors are seeking investment opportunities that directly or indirectly address some of those challenges, and also opportunities to strengthen current holdings by tackling global issues.

We believe there is a significant value creation opportunity embedded in addressing local and global environment, social and governance (ESG) issues. We are big believers in the concept of shared value, which means that we think companies can create business value by identifying and addressing environmental or social problems that intersect with their businesses.

The business of certain portfolio companies is built directly on addressing such challenges – for example by providing smart grid services to reduce energy consumption. For other companies, the biggest opportunity lies in adjusting current practices relating to for example energy consumption, supplier certification or engaging with new employee groups.

Verdane Capital Advisors believes that strengthening ESG practices will benefit companies both in the short and long term. The direct positive impact on for example the environment or social issues, also translates into economic gains. This in turn benefits the funds’ investors.